Do you want your online service to be on fire or go down in flames? Proper conceptual planning is what separates the winners from the losers.

Our planning is built around three basic principles: usability, aesthetics and measurability, in that order. An online service designed following these principles is a useful, productive and sensible investment.

The planning process begins with an interview with the client and a run-through of the brief.

Based on the client’s needs and the brief, a number of indicators are determined for the online service. After deciding on the indicators we move on to discussing target groups, conversions, analysing competitors and planning search-engine friendly content. Based on this we can finally lay down plans for the site’s visual look and the intended user experience. Mobile users are particularly taken into account during the entire planning process.

The end result will be a well thought-through, productive online service full of experiences, that can subsequently be implemented using Aucor Spurt.